Tree no. 5 (from the Jadindagadendar), 2015

Hong Kong 2016
Ingleby Gallery, Pilar Corrias
Mixed Media
Charles Avery’s Tree no. 5 (from the Jadindagadendar) comes to Hong Kong from The Islanders, an evolving lifelong project encompassing drawing, sculpture, writing and film that constructs, in precise detail, the philosophy, topography and flora and fauna of an imagined island. Part plant and plant temple, Avery’s tree sits within our world and outside it – a meeting point between fiction and reality, a place for momentary escape and contemplation. The gateway to the island is the town of Onomatopoeia, once a bustling port, but now in a state of extended decline. Its municipal park, the Jadindagadendar, is filled not with living plants, but with artificial trees, flowers and shrubs which draw on mathematical patterns such as the Fibonacci Sequence in an expression of the islanders’ refutation of nature. Charles Avery 的作品《Tree no. 5 (from the Jadindagadendar)》,引申自《島 民》來到香港 。《島民》是一個持續演化的終身項目,包含了繪畫、雕塑、 寫作和影片等元素,以無微不至的細節塑造出一座具哲學、地貌及動植物群 的幻想島嶼。Avery創作的樹,部份是植物,部份是神殿。其置身我們世界 之內及之外 ── 是虛構與真實的交匯點,是一個瞬間逃離現實和沉思之處。 這座假想之島的入口是「擬聲市」( town of Onomatopoeia ),曾是一座繁忙的 港口,今日則處於持續衰落的狀態。市政公園「藝花園」( Jadindagadendar ) 中的植物沒有生命,所有花樹與灌木都是人造的。這些「植物」的形態擷取 自斐波那契數列之類的數學規律,傳達了島民排斥自然的心聲。