Invisible axis – distance and angle, 2016

Hong Kong 2016
Yumiko Chiba Associates
Stainless steel, granite, stainless wire
Keiji Uematsu’s work focuses on unconscious and unseen matters such as gravity, attraction and magnetic field, and he invites his viewers to visualize and feel them as real. Moreover, through the universal law of invisibility, Uematsu tries to reveal the structure, existence and relationship among various things in the world. With Invisible axis – distance and angle, he confronts a persistent question, ‘What is the invisible?’ A stone and a stainless-steel cylinder keep balance with a center fulcrum set in the ceiling, which evokes our interest in the ‘invisible force’ between matters, matter and architecture, or tension and balance. ‘What I want to do is to make visible existence, visible connections and visible relations appear more clearly. And to cause non-visible existence, non-visible connections and non-visible relations to appear. And to cause visible existence, visible connections and visible relations not to appear.’ – Keiji Uematsu, 1972 植松奎二的作品圍繞無意識和無形之物,如重力、引力和磁場,並邀請觀者 欣賞和感受這些無形之物。植松奎二進一步地藉著不可見的普遍規律,試圖 揭示世間萬物之間的結構、存在和聯繫。透過《Invisible axis – distance and angle ,他提出一個持續存在的問題: 何為無形?」一塊石頭和一個不銹鋼 圓柱體依靠天花板上的一個中心支點保持平衡,誘發了我們對於物質之間、 物質與建築之間、張力與平衡之間「不可見的力量」的興趣。 我試圖做的是讓有形的存在、有形的連接和關係更清晰地呈現。繼而讓無 形的存在、無形的連接和關係浮現出來。繼而讓有形的存在、有形的連接和 關係消失於無形。」( 植松奎二 1972)。