nineteen trees, 2010

Hong Kong 2016
Ingleby Gallery
Ebonized black walnut
Peter Liversidge’s work takes many forms, but everything that he does starts in the same way – the artist sitting alone at an old manual typewriter finding a form of words to first express the ideas, which he calls ‘proposals’. nineteen trees proposed ‘an evocation of a copse or wood’ formed by nineteen trees handcrafted from American black walnut. Amidst the diversity of his practice, certain themes and visual continuities recur regularly, including the skeletal tree form. Liversidge traces its origin to the table-top pretzel tree found at his favorite restaurant in Basel, Switzerland. However, it has a clear precedent in his on-going series, Winter Drawings, that he’s made each of the past 15 years between December and March. Peter Liversidge 的作品以多種形態呈現,但他的創作都以同樣的方式展開 —— 藝術家坐在一台古舊的打字機前,思索特定的詞彙組合來初步表達他的 思維,他稱為「提案」。nineteen trees》的概念是「來自樹林的召喚」, 由十九棵以美國黑胡桃木手製而成的樹所組成。 在 Liversidge 多樣化的藝術實踐中,某些主題和視覺效果連續性有規律地重 複出現,這包括骨骼狀的樹形。追本溯源,意念源自他在瑞士巴塞爾最愛的 餐廳桌上的脆餅(pretzel)樹。這一形態在他持續性的《冬日繪畫》系列中 也有先例。在過去十五年間,他在每年的十二月到次年三月之間都進行這個 系列的創作。