Yellow Structure, 2016

Hong Kong 2016
Cardboard, tape, paint
From a distance, Yellow Structure appears to be a solid, monumental form – a golden rock-like sculpture that is formal and minimal in nature. Closer inspection reveals its humble, degradable construction of common industrial materials – cardboard, tape and paint. All structural components are wrapped in cardboard and painted so the entire piece appears to be a monumental mass that, with no apparent signs of support, could collapse or fall apart. Some viewers will see it as playful, while others may find the wonky construction unsettling. Some may reflect on the sculpture’s use of recyclable materials as a ‘green’ agenda; a nod to mankind’s relationship with an increasingly precarious environment. Others may respond to its formal properties and temporal nature and the way it animates open space. 遠觀之時, Yellow Structure》呈現出一種結實而具象徵性的形態, 猶如一座金色的磐石雕塑,本質上形式化且非常簡約。 近觀之時,由紙皮、膠紙和油漆等常見工業材料製成的作品,展現出簡單而 可分解的結構。所有的結構組件以硬紙皮包裹,並塗上油漆,因而呈現龐大 的體積。沒有明顯的支撐物,看似搖搖欲墜,可能崩離散落。在一些觀者眼 裡,作品是有趣的,而在其他人眼裡,作品歪歪斜斜的結構讓人不安。有些 人或許反思作品對可回收材料的運用,將其歸類為對「綠色」環保話題的探 討,認為人類與愈加不安穩的環境之間的關係;另一些人則對作品的形式特 性、空間屬性,以及其如何啟動開放空間而感興趣。