One Billion Colored Dots, 2008

Basel 2016
mfc-michèle didier
Other Materials
27.6 x 18.6 (cm)
10.9 x 7.3 (inch)
Robert Barry "One Billion Colored Dots", 2008 Set of 25 volumes 27.6 x 18.6 cm each 2008 pages each, total of 50.200 pages Limited edition of 30 numbered and signed copies and 5 artist’s proofs Produced and published in 2008 by mfc-michèle didier ©2008 Robert Barry and mfc-michèle didier "One Billion Colored Dots" consists of 25 volumes and counts one billion colored dots at the rate of 40.000.000 dots per volume and 4.000 dots per page. The work is printed in as many colors as there are volumes: each volume has its own color. The accumulation of dots is oriented towards the edification of sense. Quantity constitutes the work.