It Is More Particularly by Working upon This Imagination That Crowds Are Led., Material: Plywood, Stainless Steel Revolving Doors, 2012

Basel 2016
ShanghART Gallery
Epson stylus pro on gloss paper, mounted on Aluminium Panel and Acrylic Glass
150.0 x 285.0 (cm)
59.1 x 112.2 (inch)
MadeIn Company innovated a creating method based on visual media (photography and video) and presented as an “artwork”, entitled “True Image”. “True Image” project is continuously developed. This work deals with the power and influence of “media” as diffusion of information. Visual mass media became our main source of information and with the increase use of internet this phenomenon has never been stronger than now. A few pictures or a video are often enough to satisfy or needs. A photograph of a work shown in an exhibition on the other side of the Globe or in an internet art fair provides enough amount of information to understand it and even appreciate it…. This concept is being extended and developed, including real media reviews related to this work.