MOU (museum of Unbelongings), 2015 - 2016

Basel 2016
Chemould Prescott Road
morphed and found objects , memory and stories , acrylic vitrine box with light
1889.8 x 609.6 (cm)
744.0 x 240.0 (inch)
My child-centric attachment with these objects, piles up ordinary, unnecessary, abandoned, impermanent toys and unusual belongings, many of which are morphed and re-arranged by me. Of these, I am possessive, passionate and, equally — burdened. These have been collected by me through the years and drawn together at a single point of time. They have entangled relationships with the ‘other’; they are personalized and christened with names. A popular archive of cultural memory beyond the objects’ historical identity: an unidentified deity who cannot be historicized, a record of a life, a history of a vernacular culture and a symbolic archive of impermanence.