Double Dutch, 2016

Basel 2016
Tucci Russo Studio per l'Arte Contemporanea
12 c-prints
137.8 x 265.4 (cm)
54.3 x 104.5 (inch)
Edition of 5 + 2AP's 12 elements | Framed cm 42,6 x 62,6 each | Work installed cm 137,8 x 265,4 In this newly created black and white photographic series the artist reimagines the rope game that has been popularized over many years on schoolyards, playgrounds, and public spaces the world over, into an isolated, individualized action. By recontextualizing the notion of space away from the outdoor wall or public sphere towards a more interior, almost imagery ‘Drawing Field’, the emphasis of drawn line and mark making becomes increasingly heightened. The lines of the rope are represented here by black painted curves that stretch from left to right of the picture plane. These lines bend and arc around the movement of our character creating a visual vortex. The monochromatic visualization of the wall painted ‘Double Dutch’ allows the photographic process to act as a documentary narrative, as an element of timelessness. This intended wall drawing scenography allows for the physical aspect of the doppelgänger to become foregrounded and almost magnified. Structure, balance, and the interplay between geometric forms produced within the bodily movement of the doppelgänger become an over-riding factor in the conceptualization of the work. The interplay between bodily movement and wall drawing injects a dynamism that generates an almost animated effect within the margins of the picture plane. The definition of ‘game’ and ‘play’ also becomes reinvented from a group activity towards a singular action, with ‘Double Dutch’ being played and skipped by a lonesome figure, a silhouette, here the game almost then exists within our imagination.