Arte física - Mutações geográficas: Fronteira vertical (Yaripo), 1969 - 2015

Basel 2016
Galeria Luisa Strina
Inkjet print on cotton paper
70.0 x 105.0 (cm)
27.6 x 41.3 (inch)
In 1969, ate the age of twenty-one, Cildo Meireles conceived a series of drawings on graph paper that he named Arte Física [Physical Art] because in order to be done, they demanded displacement and articulation with geographi scpace. One of these projects “Mutações geográficas: fronteira vertical” [Geographic mutations: vertical landscape], is the work presented here, comprising a performance carried out during an expedition to the Yaripo (meaning “highest point” in the Yanomami language), or Montanha Sagrada [Sacred Mountain], in the Pico da Neblina Parl (Amazonas State), elevating Brazil’s highest point in a few centimeters. That project, now concretized for the 34th Panorama da Arte Brasileira, is documented through photos and video.