Contact / Snow Letter 1, 2007

Basel 2016
Taka Ishii Gallery
Crystal print
159.0 x 112.6 (cm)
62.6 x 44.3 (inch)
"A photograph shows only single moment in time. Yet when viewing a photograph one is strongly aware of the flow of time to which this moment belongs. Even when viewing a still image time does not stand still." (Risaku Suzuki, excerpted from Stream of Consciousness) The landscapes photographed through a large 8 x 10 inch film camera and enlarged to fill the entire contours of the photographic paper, invites the viewers to observe the very time as seen by the artist. The photography books produced by the artist himself as well as his exhibitions are composed through means of a sequential method, and in and every moment captured, resides the very time itself, scrutinized through the artist’s gaze.