Katsura, 2012

Basel 2016

Taka Ishii Gallery

Gelatin silver print (20) from a full set of 24 prints mounted on dibond, framed, iron, plant
185.5 x 106.0 x 104.5 (cm)
73.0 x 41.7 x 41.1 (inch)
Katsura is a large-scale installation work that was presented at the Sao Pauo Biennale in 2012. Photographs of the Katsura Imperial Villa (Kyoto) that were taken by Kimura’s grandfather are suspended within minimal metal frames and are variedly arranged through the installation in correspondence to the positions and directions in which they were photographed. The work overlaps three different moments in time: the 17th century in which the villa was built, the 1950s when the artist’s grandfather had photographed the images and the time of the present in which the viewers observe the work, thereby converting the medium of photography into a physical experience.