Wall of 8 greys, 2016

Basel 2016
Alfonso Artiaco
acrylic on canvas
1975.5 x 337.5 (cm)
777.8 x 132.9 (inch)
Since the early 1970s, Alan Charlton has been making monochromatic grey paintings, undeviatingly of the same depth, 4.5 cm. The large painting here consists of 32 canvases, each 81 × 243 cm, positioned horizontally, four canvases high by eight canvases long making a total size of 337.5 × 1975.5 × 4.5 cm (with a 4.5 cm space between each canvas). Each of the eight vertical blocks of four canvases will be painted in the same grey and repeated in eight different greys. The greys will differ in the color of grey (not tones of the same grey).