Mimed Sculptures, 2016

Basel 2016
galerie frank elbaz, Gagosian
Mimed Sculptures is a curated exhibition comprised of various art-historically significant works that are revealed by the gestures of a group of professional mimes. Recalling the hollow surfaces of 3D objects in virtual reality, the mimes trace the contours of invisible sculptures, rendering them discernible to the viewer. These replicas only become visible for the duration of their existence between the hands of the mimes. Further, each part of the sculpture vanishes when the mimes move their hands to the next portion. By temporarily reproducing recognizable works, the piece highlights the transient nature of all artistic observation and the role that memory plays in experiencing a work of art. Davide Balula is a conceptual artist working across various media. His multi-sensorial practice investigates the ways that works of art may be altered by natural elements or by the public for which it exists. He regularly collaborates with chefs, dancers, musicians, pickpockets, fire-breathers, etc.