Show IX – Curtain Room, 1965 - 2016

Basel 2016
curtains, ventilator, and steel frame
The Curtain Room is an important size: namely, the exact size of Marinus Boezem’s studio in Middelburg, Holland. It is the space where he transfers his ideas into ‘concepts.’ The room is not built-up with walls, but consists only of a white curtain. The space inside is empty, a ’white cube,’ an empty museum room that contains only air. Once inside, one is confronted with the movement of the curtains and the light whisper of the wind blowing. The billowing ‘walls’ and murmuring of the fans heightens the visitor’s perception of light, space and time. The room calls up the suggestion of being in a greater immaterial space. The Curtain Room is a sculpture, ergo, made of time and space. Boezem is an artist who wishes not to work with his hands, but only with the mind. What he creates is a capsule for the visitor to enter. Within his work the visitor is in charge. The true experience can differ for each individual.His work can be seen as a conceptual framework to set in motion a sensory experience. It’s a place to organize one’s thoughts or come closer towards life – an empty space to experience what you wish to experience.