Untitled No. 11, 12, 13 and 14, 1978

Basel 2016
Taka Ishii Gallery
canvas, waste oil, wood
Artwork size
360.0 x 800.0 (cm)
141.7 x 315.0 (inch)
Materially, Koji Enokura’s works are composed of three elements – wood, used engine oil, and white cloth.... The wood and cloth are related to each other in terms of time with the oil stain as medium. It is essentially the same as a hand and earth tied with a handprint in the lapse of time.... Needless to say, the entire work is a product of human efforts. But it represents the relation between human work and nature. Obviously, the white cloth is a metaphor for nature. To process nature is for man to historically associate with nature. It is transplanting nature from its history into man’s history. Enokura’s works show in their composition such relations between man and nature.