Portrait of the Artist - in Nobuya Abe’s Atelier, 1950

Basel 2016
Taka Ishii Gallery
Gelatin silver print
Artwork size
41.0 x 33.1 (cm)
16.1 x 13.0 (inch)
Nobuya Abe was a member of the Bijitsu Bunka Kyokai (The Art Culture Association), where Otsuji submitted his photograph for the first time to a contest. Otsuji then became involved in a variety of avant-garde activities. In this photograph, his model is made to pose in an extraordinary setting. The 1950s was a period during which Otsuji produced and presented a body of work regarded nowadays as his most representative pieces: the Window Display series, in which Otsuji captures the surrealistic and exotic characteristic of the isolated objects displayed in a window display, the Pattern on Ice series, which demonstrates his sense of form by focusing on the surface, shape or texture of the objects. Although they differ in approach, his works share a common objective to capture the subject as an object existing on the outside of subjectivity.