Two V ’s Entrance-Way, 2016

Basel 2016
Lisson Gallery
laminated glass, stainless steel
827.0 x 235.0 x 508.0 (cm)
325.6 x 92.5 x 200.0 (inch)
Dan Graham has long adopted the medium of drawings and architectural models to showcase his unrealized pavilions, with the intent that they will eventually be built to scale and ‘activated’ by the people within it. Since the creation of his first pavilion Public Space / Two Audiences (1976), Graham has completed over 50 full-scale works in this form. In these experimental structures, Graham employs varying elements in a long chain of associations around the pavilion, be it the Greek mythology of Arcadia, the refuge, the folly of the English country garden or Baroque and Rococo pavilions. By deploying two-way reflective glass, the traditional viewer of the work is turned into a spectator of a performance in which he or she is implicated. They see themselves being seen by others, capturing the very complications of the act of looking. Graham’s Two V’s Entrance-Way is one of his largest pavilions made to date. Specifically conceptualized to act as a gateway for a large audience to encounter themselves, the pavilion acts as a passageway for visitors upon their arrival at Unlimited.