template/variant/friend/stranger, 2014

Basel 2016
Lisson Gallery
wood, mounted photo print, media player and sound
Six imposing photographic visages loom over the spectator, punctured by video screens of eyes or mouths. Each of these giant portrait heads bears the network of marks or nodes associated with various facial recognition systems, used by border controls, law enforcement agencies, and ATM machines. The pursuit of biometric data in facial scans, iris patterns, and fingerprints add to our burgeoning and invisible electronic profiles, amounting to a sinister accumulation of personal information on databases capturing and categorizing humans by outward appearance, unique bodily traits, and even DNA sequencing. The faces, staggered maze-like throughout the space in the manner of theatrical props, present themselves as potential police mug shots, closed-circuit camera stills, or anonymous faces in the crowd, albeit magnified in scale and distorted by their mediation through surveillance technology.