Blue Runs, 2016

Basel 2016
Miguel Abreu Gallery, Sprüth Magers
ceramic sink, faucet, water, E131 dye, water tank, pump
Pamela Rosenkranz’s site-specific installation Blue Runs furthers her ongoing experiments with liquids and consists of a continuously recycled blue water stream flowing through the faucet of a common sink. The color blue has been a recurring element throughout Rosenkranz’s practice. The perception of blue as color within the visible spectrum of the human eye started at a stage when creatures only existed under the sea. After life started to thrive on land, the eye began to grasp to the full spectrum that we see today. Our sensitivity to the color blue has barely changed throughout the course of the history of humankind though – our vision is very much influenced and shaped by the long natural history of the species that preceded humankind. As a result of this heritage, we still perceive much more of the color blue than any other color that our eyes are able to perceive. While perpetually washing down the drain, the running water creates an aural effect as it splashes against the sink. Tinted with an artificial blue dye, the stream enhances our sensitivity to the molecular materiality of appearance.