Nothing is Enough, 2012

Basel 2016
Gavin Brown's enterprise
Nothing is Enough consists of documented text fragments from Frances Stark’s online chat with a young Italian man, ranging from contemplative, self-reflective discussions to cybersex. Its text forms the imagery in this work and is accompanied by an original piano score. In this projected dialogue, sex has become an obsession from which neither Stark nor her interlocutor can extricate themselves. The Internet has created desires so strong that, as the title tells us, Nothing is Enough. For more than two decades, Stark has made a variety of work about the confluence of her art and life. More specifically, Stark focuses on the working life of an artist and where it converges with the non-working life of an artist: the contiguous spaces of productivity and procrastination as well as the simultaneous sensations of pride and doubt corollary to this mode of working – and being. Nothing is Enough is a paradigmatic example of Stark’s blazing honesty in the act of self-assessment and self-exposure.