Cross Cut, 1998

Basel 2016
fluorescent light
James Turrell’s Wedgeworks – essentially a result of spatial manipulations of his Shallow Space Constructions from the late 1960s – are metaphors for the illusory nature of all optical experience. Creating shimmering colors that play across the apparent surface of a light division, it consists of a series of projections that collectively resemble abstract paintings. These figments of light are arranged at oblique angles within another of Turrell’s theatrical spaces of indeterminate extent, rather like the pages of a book. The presentation of James Turrell’s ‘Wedgework’ Cross Cut at Unlimited is the first presentation of a work from this spectacular series that lately has been central part of his retrospective exhibitions at the LACMA, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Gallery of Australia. Turrell says he is ‘interested in a place where the imaginative seeing and the seeing of the external world meet, where it is difficult to distinguish the seeing from within from the seeing from without.’