Microfoni, 1968

Basel 2016
Lia Rumma
microphones, mixer, amplifier, echo effect, loudspeakers, concrete blocks with ball bearings, wires, wicker laces
‘Microfoni (Microphones) forms part of a group of works devoted to the word… to words – to possible phrases that can be intertwined, constructed or deconstructed. “Microphones” are positioned differently every time they are shown, as suggested by the space. “Microphones” are waiting to be used. “Microphones” can be used by getting up on concrete blocks, which are themselves made mobile by ball bearings. The words or sentences spoken into the “Microphones” are amplified and repeated with an echo effect until they fill the space, and then disperse and fade away, possibly awaiting new arrivals, new “messages,” new echoes.’ (Gilberto Zorio)