MS Orlando, 2015

Basel 2016
Gió Marconi, Société, Vilma Gold
3D video installation
Trisha Baga combines three-dimensional video, sculpture, painting and found objects to create immersive environments that position the viewer in a playful negotiation between the concrete and the simulated. Her intricate videos operate on several experiential levels that mimic the manner in which our perceptual landscape weaves between digital and physical worlds. MS Orlando opens with a disclaimer noting its conversion from dated technologies, thereby presenting itself as a contemporary relic recovered in the projected future. The video comprises underwater scenes, a synchronized dance in a mall, and flat computer windows superseding the real space. The accompanying score is composed of Baga’s recitation of famous fiction, a recorded subway announcement and the rhythms of a drum circle. Baga expertly intertwines her material, balancing the comic and the poetic as image and sound synchronize not causally, but phenomenologically.