View of the exhibition “Ensemble”, 2016

Miami Beach 2016
kamel mennour
Mixed Media
- Hommage, 2001 * Donna Fiore - Flower Woman: fabric, balloons, female model * Untitled (Fountain Hat): molleton, metal, burnt wood, water, egg, magnet, cotton, walnuts, straw, closed-loop pump Variables dimensions - Untitled, 2015 Lead, dyes, burnt nuts Diptych: 430 x 412 x 12 cm Single panel: 430 x 189 x 12 cm View of the exhibition “Ensemble”, kamel mennour (6, rue du Pont de Lodi), Paris, 2016 © ADAGP Pier Paolo Calzolari Photo. Fabrice Seixas & archives kamel mennour Courtesy Fondazione Calzolari and kamel mennour, Paris/London