Aalvar, 2011

Miami Beach 2016
Mehdi Chouakri
Papier maché, spray paint
92.0 x 57.0 (cm)
36.2 x 22.4 (inch)
Luca Trevisanis wall sculpture „Aalvar“ refers both by name and shape to Alvar Aalto’s most iconic vase, the Savoy Vase from 1936. It’s simple yet organic shape, inspired by waves (aalto in Finnish), was a revolutionary statement that made this glass object one of the major modern design icons from the 20th century. For this work, Trevisani appropriates the wave-like shape of Aalto’s vase and translates it into paper mache that he then covers with spray paint. The result is a hybrid between an design object and a coral reef. Delicate and beautiful, yet resembling a submarine stone, this piece exemplifies one of Trevisani’s artistic approaches: using humble materials to create precious objects.