set. 215, 2014

Miami Beach 2016
Mehdi Chouakri
Stainless steel, lacquered
140.0 x 112.0 (cm)
55.1 x 44.1 (inch)
Gerold Miller’s series set. represents a shift in the work of an artist concerned with the most fundamental questions of sculpture, relief and painting. For the first time, he closes his sculptures completely to create a rectangular wall object that resembles a painting. Each piece presents an identical subject, elaborated in different combinations of high-gloss car lacquer. Where an empty space used to be in his previous series, a rectangular sheet seems to float over the surface, casting a shadow on it and creating a three dimensional effect. These visually concise, monochromatic works show Miller’s further development of a vibrant combination of painting and sculpture, using high tech materials that originate in industrial production.