L'Eternité (L2-Yakushima-17/02/2016), 2016

Miami Beach 2016
Mehdi Chouakri
Paint on canvas, digital print on plexiglass, framed
151.4 x 111.1 (cm)
59.6 x 43.7 (inch)
"It is discovered./ What? Eternity./ In the whirling light/ Of sun becomes sea." Afif‘s title refers to Rimbaud‘s poetry. Here, the artist proposes his own interpretation of eternity, by sampling geometrical color blocks from a prior piece and superimposing them over the organic, irregular lines of the ocean's waves. The wave foam pattern is printed on the plexiglass, and its shadow on the background creates a 3D effect, blurring the lines between the planes.These orange rays seamlessly stretching across the tumbling waves build a dynamic composition, reminding us, in a romantic way, that the ocean is a mere reflection of the sun and the sky.