Untitled, 2014

Miami Beach 2016
Peter Freeman, Inc.
Papier-mâché, feathers, plastic
13.0 x 20.0 x 6.5 (cm)
5.1 x 7.9 x 2.6 (inch)
David Adamo’s installations often include groups of familiar objects, things so familiar they might go unnoticed: candy, shoes, packing peanuts. But the artist’s modifications negate their primary function, effectively rendering them useless: the peel left after the fruit has been taken, the balloon after the air has run out. These remnants are cast in bronze, plaster or aluminum, then painted to deceive the eye. In this installation, Adamo has created a series of small bronze sculptures that act as an index for experiencing Miami: citrus peels, flip flops, coffee cups. The objects all rest on scattered low cedar stool-like plinths, giving the impression that they are the remains of social gatherings casually left behind. While the installation imparts a sense of enigma and absence, it also invites viewer interaction in specific ways: to slip into one of the sandals or to occupy an empty pedestal.