Naturaleza Urbana, 2012

Miami Beach 2016
Jack Shainman Gallery
7.6 x 142.2 x 53.5 (cm)
3.0 x 56.0 x 21.1 (inch)
In many cultures, including the Afro-Cuban religion of Palo Monte, the tree is imbued with a soul and is one of the most pure and spiritual elements in nature. Naturaleza Urbana recreates an oversized pair of functioning handcuffs clasped around the bases of two trees; one mature, one a sapling. By literally harnessing the purest element of nature, Naturaleza Urbana embodies the human need for power and control. While the trees stand fixed, they will slowly grow until even the smaller tree is gripped tightly by the handcuff. Much like the experience of the individual within society, this future is unavoidable, experienced not only by the citizens of Cuba but as a very universal human struggle.