128 Squares and their Demonstration, 2015

Miami Beach 2016
König Galerie, Gladstone Gallery
Acrylic on double sided wall
300.0 x 600.0 x 16.0 (cm)
118.1 x 236.2 x 6.3 (inch)
Claudia Comte’s work regularly combines natural objects or surroundings with hypnotic, rigid geometric motifs drawn on a monumental scale. 156 Triangles and their Demonstration is a vast, free-standing wall painting covered on both sides in bright geometric patterns. One side consists of 156 black, white and bright blue triangles, forming a hypnotic, consistent pattern. The other side constitutes a visual ‘demonstration’ of the pattern: The initial rectangle is successively divided into triangles which become smaller and smaller, with the smallest triangle forming the basic element recurring on the opposite side. Using the possibilities created by the repetition and serialization of simple modular forms, Comte’s immersive wall paintings clash together the formalism of Op art abstraction with a carefree twist on modernist sculpture.