Arena Parking, 2016

Miami Beach 2016
Revolver Galería
Pressed asphalt and forged steel
14.0 x 7.0 (cm)
5.5 x 2.8 (inch)
Arena Parking is a topography made of pressed asphalt with a large-scale metal ring mounted in the center. The sinuous asphalt terrain, homogeneous along the installation area, turns the piece into a gestalt image of what could evoke a sunset, a horizon or the notion of destiny; all of which are pierced by the metallurgical and industrial suggestion that is proposed by the materials themselves. In a sense, the installation constantly vibrates as a system designed to dematerialize its spectators, placing us in two or more places at once. The asphalt, conceptually assimilated by human beings, is reorganized in a topographical manner similar to shapes found in nature, and thus seems to produce a new effect at a mental level. Duville proposes a clear confrontation between the natural (topographical) and the idea of civilization (parking lots), which seems to give way to the logic of the landscape itself.