Untitled (from the series By Chance and Necessity), 2016

Miami Beach 2016
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
acrylic and permanent pen on watercolor canvas
Artwork size
200.0 x 100.0 (厘米)
78.7 x 39.4 (吋)
Cinto's intricately detailed landscapes hover between myth and reality and reference the continuous transformational journey of the human spirit. Drawing oceans that are borders, emotional landscapes filled with waves that resemble hills, swirling eddies, rocks and mountains, the meticulous drawing lures the viewer in to lose him/herself in the beauty of the immeasurable. Untitled (By Chance and Necessity) is a new body of work that follows from Cinto's previous imagery of sea and sky, where delicate forms on a monochromatic background create a beautiful celestial imagery. In this new series, Cinto marries traditional Japanese watercolor techniques with her sophisticated hand-drawn compositions, creating an inextricable balance between chance and control, image and material, the universal and the individual.