Things Around the House, 2016

Miami Beach 2016
Polígrafa Obra Gràfica
66 Lithographs
42.0 x 62.0 (厘米)
16.5 x 24.4 (吋)
The work of Rose Wylie is deeply rooted within the everyday, and her drawings point at how we go about navigating it: picking stuff up, doing bits and pieces, reading the newspaper, pottering around the garden, painting a canvas, cooking sausages, draining pasta, etc. Things Around the House is simply that. What may be considered the mundane is invigorated with life, with a character and a spontaneity that only Wylie could achieve. As a painter who draws a lot, Wylie captures items that she ‘likes’ around the house: tools she uses in the studio, a pasta strainer without a handle, or sketches from newspaper clippings she has lying around. Some elegant, some brutalist, each one-off page is individually rendered in black ink, having been created on mylars at her home in Faversham, Kent. These sheets spent a year with Wylie at home; there the measured sheets complete with registration markings became part of Wylie’s domestic and creative landscape. Studying this portfolio, Wylie’s world and ours become entwined through familiarity with things that we share on one level but experience differently and individually on another.