The Time Vivarium 3, 2014

Miami Beach 2016
ShanghART Gallery
Work on Paper
Acrylic on paper
76.0 x 57.0 (cm)
29.9 x 22.4 (inch)
The works of Sun Xun probe the connection between the language of painting and moving images. His animations, more simply put, could be described as a complex array of moving drawings. They evince a theme he has constantly explored: the isordered logic of history. ‘Moving images are like fragmented history that, if we put them in series, yield a more “complete history.” The video is displayed in parallel with different animation clips in the form of paintings. In this case, what has been presented is an excerpt from history, a part of our memory. But the history we are aware of is a fragmented one that has been straightened and implanted in our memory, which may not be the true history.’ – Sun Xun