Untitled, 2016

Miami Beach 2016
Two Palms
Monotype in watercolor
91.4 x 121.3 (cm)
36.0 x 47.8 (inch)
At 70 years of age, Stanley Whitney holds fast to his uncompromising dedication to the physical, perceptual, and philosophical attributes of abstraction. His first foray into large-scale watercolor monotypes reflects his continual exploration with the possibilities of pure color in the shifty animated grids and stacked compositions that he has mined, condensed and crystallized over the past 40 years. His pictures have been likened to a rhythmic visual jazz finding pictorial space in pure color juxtapositions. As Roberta Smith wrote in her July 16, 2015 New York Times review, Whitney has ‘…devised an improvisatory, enriched Minimalism.’ His 2015 survey show ‘Stanley Whitney: Dance the Orange’ at the Studio Museum in Harlem was widely acclaimed, and his work will appear in the next edition of Documenta.