A Man of Reason (Juruna), 2016

Miami Beach 2016
Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
plywood, concrete, articulated metal structure , serigraphy on metal plates
3+2 ap
185.0 x 115.0 (cm)
72.8 x 45.3 (inch)
The sculpture articulates archival images of a character in Brazil’s recent political history: Mario Juruna, the only Xavante (Amerindian) that became Deputy in the National Congress (mandate 1983-1987) - in the ‘end’ of the military dictatorship. Besides his importance as public and symbolic figure, he was also know to always carry with him a K7 audio recorder, to register all the empty ‘promises’ from the corrupted politicians, a practice that informed the publication of a posthumous book ‘O gravador de Juruna’ (Juruna’s Recorder).