Miami Beach 2016
Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
Sculpture - metal structures, serigraphy on plywood
175.0 x 125.0 (cm)
68.9 x 49.2 (inch)
The sculpture articulates archival images and related material regarding a historic character in brazil’s recent political history: Mario Juruna, the only Xavante (Amerindian) tha became deputy in the National Congress (mandate 1983-1987); exactly during the period of the so called ‘democratic reopening’ of Brazil, after the ‘end’ of the military dictatorship. Besides his importance as public and symbolic gure, he was also know to always carry with him a K7 audio recorder, to register all the empty ‘promises’ from the corrupted politicians, a practice that informed the publication of a posthumous book ‘o gravador de Juruna’ (Juruna’s recorder). this is a rst and main work of a series, that will deal with the diverse episodes around this public and forgotten gure.