Fountain Archives FA. 0535, 0644, 0648, 0654, 0655, 0657, 0658, 0659, 0670, 0671, 0673 a/b, 2008 - 2017

Hong Kong 2017
Mehdi Chouakri
Work on Paper
Offset prints from books and magazines, framed, pencil
200.0 x 120.0 (cm)
78.7 x 47.2 (inch)
In 2008, taking Marcel Duchamp‘s "Fountain" as a starting point, Saâdane Afif began to collect all publications, catalogues, guides and books featuring this seminal piece. The pages showing Duchamp’s work are torn out and framed, creating a new ready made. The frames are hung within a grid, drawn with a pencil directly on the wall. It structures the variety of sizes and background colours of the different frames, which are displayed chronologically, like a sample of the general index. The artist is building an archive, aiming to account for a thousand mentions of the "Fountain". By now, there are already more than eight hundred "Fountain Archives". Taking one step further, Afif will design a shelving unit to store all these publications. The installation will be a "Fountain Archive" without a "Fountain", as all the pictures of Duchamp‘s work will have been permanently removed from the publications lined on the shelves.