Untitled, 1978

Hong Kong 2017
Mehdi Chouakri
Work on Paper
Gouache and coal on paper
70.0 x 50.0 (cm)
27.6 x 19.7 (inch)
The Swiss artist Martin Disler (1949-1996) must be considered a major figure of the European painting scene which emerged in the late 1970’s. Autodidact, his oeuvre bears a powerful, even existential burdensomeness, an almost intoxicating rigour. Physical being, primarily that of the artist himself, is very much at play in his visual language, which carries palpable traces of his excessive and unsparing life. The anticipation of death permeates his entire oeuvre, as do moments of a great hunger for life. Both form Disler’s illusion-free vision of the condition humaine.