Concetto Spaziale, 1993

Hong Kong 2017
Mehdi Chouakri
Mixed Media
Stretched jeans fabric with holes
Artwork size
146.0 x 114.0 (厘米)
57.5 x 44.9 (吋)
Sylvie Fleury’s work focuses, amongst other things, on the phenomenon of superficiality in our contemporary culture and its importance in our current society. Re-casting the works of famous male artists (with an added touch of femininity), custom cars or esoteric attributes, she pushes the male-dominated creative world towards new angles of reflection, often re-orienting our sense of high and low by examining concepts of art and eternity through the lens of the latest colours in fashion of the season. “Whether it’s the shopping bags, the Mondrian in fake fur, or the Fontana in denim, all involving key works; emblematic works by ‘male’ artists, my work involves the insertion of a feminine element." In this particular work Sylvie Fleury quotes the artist Lucio Fontana. By using jeans fabric instead of classical painted canvas she relates to fashion and especially to the phenomenon of cut jeans that appeared in the 80’s and still are popular within a young fashion culture.