Untitled, 1965

Hong Kong 2017
Mehdi Chouakri
Work on Paper
Paper in plastic, mounted on styrofoam with adhesive tape
83.0 x 87.0 (cm)
32.7 x 34.3 (inch)
Using mostly industrially produced materials, Peter Roehr serially arranges multiples of single objects to create what he called "montages." These montages span a number of mediums, from objects and photographs to letters, texts, tones and sounds, film material, and more. "I believe that everything conceals within itself comprehensible qualites which we nevertheless seldom perceive," stated Roehr, "When we perceive a thing several times in a row, whether in time or space-with no irregular space between them which would create 'non-forms' not necessarily caused by the shape of the material used-we notice these characteristics."