Porziuncola, 2017

Hong Kong 2017
Thomas Brambilla
Coloured concrete on plasterboard
Artwork size
350.0 x 400.0 x 250.0 (cm)
137.8 x 157.5 x 98.4 (inch)
The Porziuncola, conceived by the young Italian artist Edoardo Piermattei, is a site specific installation, in a reduced scale 1:2, of the renowned Porziuncola of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli of Assisi. To decorate the interior of the Porziuncola, Piermattei used the ancient fresco technique, consisting of powders and pigments bonded with glue and cement. This colourful aspect is firstly a tribute to the great Italian masters, and it immediately recalls the decorative cycle of Assisi painted by Giotto and Cimabue, not to mention the giant, graceful and light-coloured clouds which dominate the ceilings of Gambattista Tiepolo. Secondly, this space, small but full of artistic and architectural references, allows the viewer to accentuate the “conceptual” experience and to extrapolate their own meaning from the artwork. The exterior of the Porziuncula, however, has deliberately been left in its germinal stage. As a result, it plays on the antithesis between the external imperfection and internal perfection, to reinforce the magnificence of the frescoes decoration.