Homebound Ship (Beached Black), 2015

Hong Kong 2017
Mujin-to Production
Other Materials
woodcut print (panel, Japanese paper, oil ink)
Artwork size
242.0 x 183.0 (cm)
95.3 x 72.0 (inch)
A nuclear-powered ship 'Mutsu' was a groundbreaking project in 1968 to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and to celebrate the nuclear industry development. 'Mutsu' departed Ominato Port in Aomori in the storm in 1974, navigating through the barricade of protesting fishing boats. Only 4 days later, it had an accident that a small amount of radiation leaked from the reactor shield. With this accident, 'Mutsu' had been questioned its safety and was denied to call at a port and forced to be in ‘drifting state.’ After 22 years since the accident, unwelcomed 'Mutsu' changed the power source to diesel, had the hull repainted in pure white and was reborn as an oceanographic research vessel 'Mirai' in 1996. Referring to the story of 'Mutsu' and 'Mirai', Kazama created diptych prints "Homebound Ship (Beached Black)" and "Homebound Ship (Future White)" by carving one woodblock in two stages. Kazama first drew the dark history behind 'Mutsu' tragically, then carved it further to turn the dark image into the optimistic and innocent image.