Untitled, 2015

Hong Kong 2017
Chemould Prescott Road
Work on Paper
Ink on Kozo paper
45.7 x 191.8 (cm)
18.0 x 75.5 (inch)
A recurrent theme in Aditi Singh’s drawings is the anatomy of flowers. Drawing flowers for over one decade, they still continue to preoccupy the artist’s oeuvre, or as she puts it: At a certain moment a form chooses you and won’t leave you in peace. I am interested in the process of peeling away the layers to get at the insides. Of having the paint make a gesture, dense and explosive or ephemeral and fragile. Of allowing line, texture, harmony, dissonance, silences, ruptures, a place to circulate. To keep shape, and flow. Of exposing the warmth of seeing-which-is-making with the grace of continuing without certainties, yet painting with an ever-vigilant eye. My intent, if any, is to keep the process open-ended.