Untitled, 2016

Hong Kong 2017
Chemould Prescott Road
Mixed Media
Water, karvi, cow dung, limenatural pigments
91.4 x 50.0 (cm)
36.0 x 19.7 (inch)
Set deep in the world of organic materiality, Bijoy’s recent work is a presentation of a process, which combines the elements of air, water and the earth in their most natural form. Water binds the initial layer of lime with cow dung and bamboo matting, which have been nourished by the earth. A final impression of jute string dipped in pigment paint forms the finishing layer and the sunlight cements all of these together. Like the form of a structure, for example a Tazia construction, embodies the spatial and temporal culture of its time. The unique application in this artwork is a codified formlessness of that, and every other form. Jain believes that this work is an open ended conversation about the points of intersection between form and formlessness.