Killer Girl, Odyssee III, 1990

Hong Kong 2017
Chi-Wen Gallery
Single-channel video, 9 min 41 sec
5 + 1 AP
In 1989, Jun-Jieh Wang enrolled in Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, a year when the Berlin Wall was pulled down and the fall of Communism in the communist states of Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. He was astonished by these dramatic events. Several issues concerning politics, ideologies, aesthetics as well as the forms, market and power of art had been preying on his mind for so long that he lost the ability to make artworks and even questioned the value of the existence of art. His passively reactionary state of mind in this period was clearly reflected in the works simulating low-quality B-movies or TV programs, such as Killer Girl, Odyssey III (1990), Love, Die, Daredevil, Odyssey IV (1991).