Mythological Time 15, 2016

Hong Kong 2017
ShanghART Gallery
Work on Paper
Ink and acrylic on bark paper
100.0 x 308.0 (厘米)
39.4 x 121.3 (吋)
该组绘画作品源自动画录像作品《通向大地的又一道闪电 》(2016),由以中国古典风格绘制在传统树皮纸上的绘画构成。作品围绕艺术家的故乡,中国东北部的阜新展开。这座依靠煤矿业而建设的,曾经无比重要的能源城市一直到如今没落的"遗忘角落",这中间有民俗的传奇,有政治信仰的更叠,更有历史的变迁。 These paintings are derived from animation video work “Mythological Time” (2016), composed of Chinese classical painting (ink and acrylic) on traditional bark paper. The work explored the artist’s hometown- Fuxin, which was located in northeastern of China and particularly for coal industry. It narrates how an industrial city used to be incomparably important in Northeast China, but now on its wane to be forgotten. The featured legendary of folk customs, the alteration of political beliefs, and the historical changes are glimpsed.