A Man Gifted with Photographic Memory, 2017

Hong Kong 2017
ShanghART Gallery
Single-channel video
两位艺术家在八十六天的旅程中见证了十二个预言,并将物证带回“已知的大陆”。预言不仅折射了通往主题的种种潜在路径,而且作为索引,牵扯出无限的文本与无尽的阅读。在途 制作的航行日志里,艺术家们开始道出一千个角色的故事,这些人物如同藤蔓般盘踞在预言内外,与他们共同见证一路不思议。角色们各自拥有的邮包将逐渐在不同的展示时空中被打开, 他们的记忆将在图像-物证-文本的星群中被唤醒。 In 86 days cross-ocean journey, two artists have borne witness to twelve prophecies and sent back to “continents of the Known” the evidence as visuality of testimonies. The twelve prophecies not only reflect potential routes to the theme but also serve as an index leading to infinite texts and endless interpretations. In Journal from the Grand Voyage produced along the way, the artists start to tell stories of one thousand characters who are likened to a vine twining around prophecies accompanying them to witness the miraculous. In a series of future exhibitions, they will unpack one thousand parcels and corresponding owners dwelling within. In the constellation of image-evidence-text, memories of the characters will be brought to light.