Visible, 2017

Hong Kong 2017
LED Light, wood, leather, chord, chromed military stretcher
225.4 x 57.1 x 18.0 (厘米)
88.8 x 22.5 x 7.1 (吋)
When used military field gurney stretchers are transformed into functionless furniture with leather and chrome, they instantly achieve a modernist aesthetic. The intention was a momentary shift in context from war associations, death and the wounded to the sleek, the minimal and the comfortable. But the black leather that wrap the gurneys are actual jackets, pants and skirts, and their indexicality to the body is inescapable. The suggestion of the lifeless may be a metaphorical wish for a detachment or plain callousness to an all too familiar place and a time of rampant violence and impunity. As a counter weight, assembled within each stretcher is an object, an image, a sound from a memory, a light, that suggests a movement, a breath, a pulse, a truth or a sign of life.