Alchimie 335, 2016

Hong Kong 2017
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork size
200.0 x 200.0 (cm)
78.7 x 78.7 (inch)
Photo: Studio Sebert © Julio Le Parc / ADAGP, Paris & SACK, Seoul, 2016. Courtesy Perrotin "We are carrying many embryonic ideas. Among all those vague accumulated ideas some many never came out. But sometimes I surprised myself to suddenly develop something which I neglected for years. I recently found sketches I realized in Buenos Aires, just before I move to Paris, in the years 1957-1958, which already contained in germs the idea of “alchemies”. Those sketches are the product of ideas emerging from random observations which are, slowly, concretized, imposed and finally claim the right to exist, indifferent to the pressure exerted by the various artistic trends, keeping as much as they could the freedom of creativity. So I started the processes of repetition, comparison which led me to a multitude of drawings, some of them when developed were transformed into paintings. Those “alchemies” are part with no reserve of my adventure alive through my work as an experimental artist." (Julio Le Parc)